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I had an experience with an employee at saks liberty street store In nyc. his name is angel Curtis and he was clearly higher then a kite.

he was dancing taking selfies and interacting with friends while I stood there waiting for assistance. internet being what it I easily found him on his facebook and he uses your store like a club. where are you finding your employees. the ghetto.

he clearly has some major problems and now he seems to be yours I can't understand how you hired him. he uses his facebook account as if he were promoting saks merchandise in a totally unprofessional manner. I can't believe his manager hasn't seen his behavior. he would not give me his manager's name but I may call the store direct to get in touch with the manager.

now in order to end this complaint I need 100 words. omg

Product or Service Mentioned: Saks Fifth Avenue Customer Care.

Reason of review: employee disgrace.

Preferred solution: look into this matter and find out how this kind of behavior be happening.

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Wow, racist much??? I would think someone like you from a melting pot like N.Y.

would be less stereotypical. If you're an adult, you should NEVER use such hostile words in your vocabulary!

And what a strange person you are stalking this employees Facebook! Sounds like you have a very fulfilling life....

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