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It's hard to imagine bloggers following the unveiling of a new handbag, lol. But, I agree, you received very poor customer service from Saks...and from what you were told, I'm betting you're going to receive that bag back and Saks is going to claim the damage was caused by you. I won't return them." All I can say is I went home and cut my Saks credit card in half and won't be shopping at Saks anymore. Lets go back to and no risk again..

If if someone ask me to recommend a site for clothing then saks no way!!

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"Bought a Juicy Couture bag when I got a Juicy Couture coupon online for 30% off. At the time, I couldn't apply the coupon code so I called their customer service to place the order.

The representative was very nice but could not apply the discount code either. I should have known something was up here right away. Regardless, the customer rep was very friendly and I agreed to be charged the full amount then have the discount code applied afterwards. We parted on good terms and I give her a great review based on our transaction.

A week goes by and I don't hear from them about the discount, I have the merchandise in hand and was charged the full amount.

I call in and they tell me that they cannot apply the discount since it's not an official Saks online discount.

Well then here's my question to Saks: why didn't you tell me it wasn't an official discount BEFORE I made the purchase? We made a deal based on my trust that a discount would be applied. The end result is that I paid 30% more than I should have for my purchase.

I know repeat business must not be high on their list of priorities given the flat rejections I received when asking for the promised discount.

I will never shop from this retailer again and would warn anyone else against using their online purchasing system.

EDIT: After filing a BBB complaint and some back and forth with a Saks representative, they sent me a gift card for my troubles and promised to discount my next order. Because of this resolution, I am re-valuing the rating for this purchase."

Perhaps I will come back my favourite shop: again"

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